Ludger Hennig 2008-08-12T11:46:00Z leaving mohács 2008-08-12T11:46:00Z 2008-08-12T11:46:00Z mohács is a nice little town with 20.000 inhabitants at the border between croatia and hungary. the customs-service is very efficient - you really have to try that out! thank you mohács! Ludger Hennig impulse responses from vukovar 2008-08-08T10:40:00Z 2008-08-08T10:40:00Z i am interested in specific spaciousness. the thought of being able to take the spacial-information of a specific sound for archiving these spaces in an audible way using convolution reverb made me record impulse responses of specific spaces in vukovar. some of the impulse responses relate to a run down commercial-centre wherein the killings in vukovar have happened during the war, furthermore i recorded responses of the vukovar church and the krypta underneath which is very dry and small (...) Ludger Hennig headphone festival beograd 2008-08-02T10:07:00Z 2008-08-02T10:07:00Z i registered for the headphone-festival in the late evening and somehow i scheduled as the last person to perform starting at 4:30 in the morning. for the very deep ground-sound i chose a recording i made the same day with transducer-microphones of the belgrade-bridge right nearby the docks. other sounds were recorded sounds of tree-branches in the wind - nice organic and smooth textures seemingly associating sounds of waves... the piece had to be something soft, silent, smooth, reduced, (...) Ludger Hennig performance @ the docks in beograd 2008-08-01T18:34:00Z 2008-08-01T18:34:00Z performance @ the docks in beograd. as i did not have the time due to my arrival one day before, for the performance some recordings from manila (philipines), tallin (estonia), and sweden had to help me out. and still there were some sounds from beograd that i recorded the same day of the concert. Ludger Hennig